A monitoring tool for WordPress


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What is it able to do ?

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from Sphinge :

  • List all your websites in a dashboard
  • Check their PHP, MySQL, WordPress & extensions version
  • Check their users
  • Run these checks automatically and get notified via email
  • Get notified when a website is down
  • Get notified when a website has a massive change on its homepage
  • Aggregate PHP errors

Is it free ?

Yes, and it will always be free.
However, a cloud version of Sphinge might be available someday at a small fee while the free version will always be available.

Is it ready yet ?

Almost, there is a beta version available. You can get it here : installation guide

Who provides Sphinge ?

Sphinge is provided by the Bureau Web Alan Pilloud, a Swiss company.
We use Sphinge for our own needs, and guess what ? We're running it on a Raspberry Pi !